About Us

Life Insurance Corporation of India was established in 1956, It is most trusted company for life insurance. LIC offers an option for individual to join it as a lic agent.

Join as an LIC agent is very easy and one can earn more than 1 lakh monthly because it is a trusted brand and people easily buy insurance plans with from lic of india

Various LIC AGENTS who interact with customers helped in the development of the organisation. But the main question arises when you actually think of becoming the Agent, i.e. Join as LIC agents near you?

Each zone has it’s Development officers to enroll LIC Agents or Advisors and in return the Officers get ample opportunities for contributing to the growth of the Organisation. This makes LIC a give and take opportunity to make everyone’s life a secure and better one

So if you want to become LCI agent in Ghazipur, Yusufpur, Saidpur, Rasara, Mau, Ghosi. Come and Grab this wonderful opportunity at the cost of Nothing but Better and Secure Life.  .

LIC – The Secure Way to Grow Your Savings and good monthly income

Not sure how to join LIC as Agent? Send us an enquiry.